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QOps is a console tool that allows you to automate development and deployment of Qlik-based applications.

Why you need QOps?

It is simple

QOps helps to extract all source codes from Qlik document that can be put in any repository

For advanced users who value comfort

Advanced developers can use third-party code editors (e.g. Visual Studio Code) to develop Qlik applications


All code can now be stored in Git-based repository and all changes can be viewed at any point in time


Ability to create CI/CD pipelines to automate Qlik applications delivery to production


Stand-alone Git-based repository

Collaborate on your project with a group of developers and maintain source code in a single storage.

01 GIfQlikSense
02 GIfQlikSense

Secure and transparent connection to Qlik Sense

QOps uses recommended PFX certificates to establish connection that requires minimum settings and experience.

Full support of Extensions and Mashups

Manage your application consistency and maintain all sources not only for the application but also for both Extensions and Mashups.

03 GIfQlikSense
04 GIfQlikSense

CI/CD pipeline implementation

With QOps you will have your product conveyance workflow automated. Application building, testing, review, staging and production will be done automatically and securely.

Reduction of redundand operations

With QOps developer can eliminate routines of manual preparation binaries and their further delivery to production and UAT environments. This can reduce accidental mistakes.

No direct access to production

Developer will not have access to master branch in repository. Team Lead decides when to push changes to production.

Repository stores all changes

Team Lead can analyze the codebase and find specific commit for each part of code.

CI/CD pipelines integration

Automatic CI/CD deployment guarantees production updates without manual intervention.

Multi-tenant deployment

With QOps every environment with one or more tenants can be connected to application repository via private key.

Decreased efforts for feature development

When development team is armed with QOps, Project Manager may schedule and expect concurrent tasks execution.


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Choose your QOps

QOps Personal



  • Connect to any and multiple QlikView or Qlik Sense environment (On-Prem or SaaS)
  • 1 "per-user" license - can be used by individual user or automated runner
  • Charged Annually
  • Includes Installation Guidance

QOps Team



  • Connect to any and multiple QlikView or Qlik Sense environment (On-Prem or SaaS)
  • 10 "per-user" licenses - can be used by up to 10 individual users, or a combination of up to 10 users and automated runners
  • Charged Annually
  • Includes Installation Guidance
  • Includes advanced security controls

QOps Enterprise



  • Connect to any and multiple QlikView or Qlik Sense environment (On-Prem or SaaS)
  • Over 10 "per-user" licenses
  • Includes advanced security controls



April 2023

VS Code extension

Get full integration with commonly used IDE.


August 2023


We are happy to help non-Windows Qlik developers. This release will deal with the application’ source extracting and building inside for the replicated instances and services on Linux.


July 2023

Browser extension

Code management and version control integrated into your browser with all CI/CD pipelines provided by QOps – commit, push and deploy to all environments from your hub with one button click.


September 2023

Multithread reloading

Do you want to have multithreading in Qlik script processing? We’re already testing it 😉 Would you like to join our beta-testing?

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