QOps 2.0.0. New version release

We’re glad to introduce a new version QOps 2.0.0.

We appreciate our customers feedback and that’s why we took into account all their wishes and made QOps even more effective.

Here’s a brief overview of new features and improvements you can look forward to:

  • support for Linux systems;
  • multithreading (parallel execution);
  • subfolders support;
  • partial bookmarks support;
  • unlink from the application folder name;
  • hashed application build


  • applications no longer depend on the folder name;
  • added additional information about the size and last reload of the application in the Qops-Apps command;
  • added additional information about the status, application ID and last application reboot in the Qops-ShowTasks command

We’ll be glad to make a demo for you. Just feel free to write us [email protected]