What is QOps and what problems does it solve?

Qlik is a provider of business intelligence and data visualization applications. Its main products are QlikView and Qlik Sense, which have the same logic and analysis algorithm, but a different user interface. QlikView can run in its own environment with custom charts and visualizations and through a web interface. Qlik Sense is focused on web application development.

The Qlik data-driven business intelligence platform features associative connectivity and available graphical capabilities. It allows users to make calculations very quickly by storing compressed information in RAM and quickly accessing it. Qlik allows to connect various data sources from simple files to modern databases, and also provides for the development of individual connectors to the data source.

Qlik Sense is both a development environment and an off-the-shelf application. The result of the development is a large file that includes data, a data model, data loading code, codes for all charts and objects for visualization. Qlik supports built-in SVN and TFS version control. However, there is no way to apply the GIT version control system. This problem is solved by QOps.

QOps is a console tool that removes the complexities of version control and automates Qlik applications development and deployment. The product works in PowerShell, integrates with Qlik, GIT, GITLab/GitHub.

The main problems that QOps helps to solve:

  • Impossibility of parallel development of applications and tracking changes in the source code;
  • Slow development of large applications due to the inability to use the usual version control systems;
  • Complexity of development process involving more than 1 developer: each developer makes all changes to their own copy of the file. In order to add into production changes made by both developers, one of the developers will have to duplicate their changes in a common file;
  • The need to manually remove the code and charts or find a backup file if there is a need to return to a specific version;

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