QlikView Extended Support

Proper QOps configuration provides binary application storing reduced with properly filed properties set on building the application.

QOps Reduce setting may be useful in cases when there is a need to store reduced applications as binary in the remote repository. Also, this setting allows to apply additional fields settings in application, that will not be saved in source files in the single QlikView mode. Reduce setting also can be applied for a few application, for that several masks separated by a semicolon is needed, for example, "*dash*;*tenant*".

In the case of Reduce setting using the application should be also modified. For that, following the below steps.

  1. Create a variable named vModelFilePath, which is a reserved QOps name, that defines the path to Data Model, for example, C:\AppFolder\Model\DataModel.qvw.
  2. Check if Dashboard's Script begins with include .qvs-file statement, which makes Binary load from a model file and modify them as shown below. If your application isn't using the .qvs file, just add these lines at the beginning of the script.

BINARY [$(vModelFilePath)];
IF vModelFilePath <> 'C:\AppFolder\Model\DataModel.qvw' Then
LET vModelFilePath = ' C:\AppFolder\Model\DataModel.qvw ';

Also, Reduce setting allow to apply Thumbnail Image to the application. Check that the desirable picture is located at '.._IMG\Thumbnail.png'.

This command is not available in QlikSense mode

This command is not available in QlikCloud mode