Exports the application and saves it into the file on a disk. If -NoData key is specified exports the application without data.

New in version 1.9


QOps-ExportQVF -Filter -Path [-NoData] [-Profile] [-Verbose]

Parameters meaning:

-Filter overrides parameters for selecting applications to process with QOps, allows filtering by following:

  • Name
  • Id
  • Owner
  • Stream

-Path defines the path to the folder where .qvf file(s) will be stored

-NoData is a flag for an application exporting without data

-Profile overrides default User Profile with the specified one

-Verbose enables extended command line output


QOps-ExportQVF -Filter "Name=application1" -Path "D:\Qlik Data\"

This command is not available in QlikView mode

This command is not available in QlikCloud mode