Receives sources from the remote repository then builds them and then publishes the applications received. The source pulling stage may be skipped by a -NoPull flag specified.

For Qlik Sense Applications, QOps-Release keeps the status of the original application selected for QOps. After QOps-Release execution, the selected applications will be replaced whether it was published or not. If Qlik Sense Application was published before getting the source code, QOps-Release will publish it into the same Stream.


QOps-Release -LocalBranch -RemoteBranch [-Filter] [-URL] [-NoPull] [-Inplace] [-RemoveArtefacts] [-Profile] [-Verbose]

QOps-Release -LocalBranch -RemoteBranch -FinalPath [-Filter] [-Reduce] [-URL] [-NoPull] [-Profile] [-Verbose]

Parameters meaning:

-LocalBranch defines a Branch name of the Local Repository (not required when -NoPull is specified)

-RemoteBranch defines a Branch name of the Remote Repository (not required when -NoPull is specified)

-FinalPath defines a Folder Path where applications should be published

-Filter overrides parameters for selecting applications to process with QOps, allows filtering by following:

  • Application Name
  • Application Id (OriginAppId or TargetAppId, see QOps-SetLocalApp for details)
  • Application Owner
  • Application Stream

  • Application Name

The multiple masks are supported in a way of repeating the field identifier with a semicolon separator, ex.: -Filter “Name=*ibcs*;Name=*api*,Id=*,Owner=*,Stream=*”-Filter “Name=*ibcs*;Name=*api*”

The Semicolon defines result joining with OR logic, the Comma defines results joining with AND logic. When the field name is omitted all possible values for this field will be applied.

-Reduce overrides the mask (masks) of the Application’s File Name to apply reduced binary application storing

-URL overrides the origin URL of the Remote Git repository set in a .gitconfig file, if no URL for the Remote Git repository in a .gitconfig file after successful login it will be set (not required when -NoPull is specified)

-NoPull is a flag for a source pulling skip stage (assumed if -LocalBranch and -RemoteBranch are omitted since version 1.12.41)

-Inplace defines that application will be updated keeping existing data without reloading

Experimental in version 1.12.41

-RemoveArtefacts indicates that QOps should remove the related -prj folder with source files included

New in version 1.11

-Profile overrides default User Profile with the specified one

New in version 1.9

-Verbose enables extended command line output

New in version 1.9


QOps-Release -LocalBranch “master” -RemoteBranch “master” -FinalPath “\\srv\public_folder”

QOps-Release -LocalBranch “master” -RemoteBranch “master” -Filter “Name=*project1*;Name=*project2*” -URL “[email protected]:git.user/remoterepo.git”

QOps-Release -LocalBranch “master” -RemoteBranch “master” -FinalPath “\\srv\public_folder” -Filter “Name=*application*” -Reduce “*dash*” -URL “[email protected]:git.user/remoterepo.git” -NoPull