Refreshes sources retrieved and commit all changes in the local repository. The sources refreshing stage may be skipped by a -NoPrepare flag specified.


qops-commit -Message -Branch [-Filter] [-Ignore] [-NoPrepare] [-Profile]

qops-commit -Message -Branch [-Filter] [-Reduce] [-Ignore] [-NoPrepare] [-Profile]

Parameters meaning:

-Message defines a commit message.

-Branch defines a Branch name of the Local Repository

-Filter overrides parameters for selecting applications to process with QOps, allows filtering by following:

  • Application Name
  • Application Id
  • Application Owner
  • Application Stream

  • Application Name

The multiple masks are supported in a way of repeating the field identifier with a semicolon separator, ex.: -Filter “Name=*ibcs*;Name=*api*,Id=*,Owner=*,Stream=*”-Filter “Name=*ibcs*;Name=*api*”

The Semicolon defines result joining with OR logic, the Comma defines results joining with AND logic. When the field name is omitted all possible values for this field will be applied.

-Reduce overrides the mask (masks) of Application’s File Name to apply reduced binary application storing

-Ignore overrides file mask(s) to ignore them while Git works with the repository, ex.: -Ignore “*.qvw; *.qvd; *.log”

-NoPrepare is a flag for a source refreshing skip stage. -Filter and -Reduce settings will be ignored as well

-Profile overrides default User Profile with the specified one

New in version 1.9


qops-commit -Message “feature done” -Branch “develop”

qops-commit -Message “some fixes” -Branch “master” -Filter “Name=*project1*;Name=*project2*,Owner = username1” -Ignore “*.txt; *.csv”

qops-commit -Message “initial” -Branch “staging” -Filter “Name=*application*” -Reduce “*dashboard1*” -Ignore “*.qvw; *.qvd; *.txt; *.log” -NoPrepare