Delivers the Extension(s) from the Sources extracted to Server with replacement by default.

New in version 1.16


QOps-ReleaseExtensions [-Filter] [-SkipCustomProperties] [-Sort] [-Profile] [-Verbose]

Parameters meaning:

-Filter specifies parameters for selecting Extensions to process with QOps, allows filtering by following:

  • Name

The multiple masks are supported in a way of repeating the field identifier group with a semicolon and with a comma separator inside a group, ex.: -Filter "Name=*ibcs*;Name=*api*,Id=*".

The Semicolon defines result joining with OR logic, the Comma defines results joining with AND logic. When the field name is omitted all possible values for this field will be applied.

-SkipCustomProperties omits Custom Properties setting

-Sort specifies parameters for sorting Extensions to process with QOps, ex. -Sort "Name=Asc". Allows filtering by following:

  • Name

-Profile overrides default User Profile with the specified one

-Verbose enables extended command line output


QOps-ReleaseExtensions -Filter "Name=Extension1;Name=Extension2"

QOps-ReleaseExtensions -SkipCustomProperties

This command is not available in QlikView mode

This command is not available in QlikCloud mode