QOps 1.13.8

June 2023

New features:

  • Added -Status and -Wait flags to QOps-Reload command, enabling users to retrieve the status of the application reloading process


  • Minimized the data storing for Extensions' Custom Properties, optimizing storage efficiency 
  • Added support for the domain\username format in the application owner setting, providing greater flexibility in user assignment 
  • Improved the qops-release command to handle insufficient access rights more gracefully, ensuring a smoother release process 
  • Reviewed the EOL (End of Line) configuration setting when Git is not installed, ensuring accurate handling of this scenario  
  • Improved License leasing to address issues when dealing with expired licenses, ensuring a seamless licensing experience

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where filters applied to all apps in the Stream were not functioning correctly, resolving inconsistencies in filtering behavior
  • Fixed token refreshing in commands that operate in Proxy mode, addressing issues related to token renewal and ensuring uninterrupted functionality