Publishes the existing application from Work to Stream specified, -Filter setting is used for the Stream specification. If -Force key is included, rewrites already published application.

New in version 1.9


qops-publish -Filter [-RemoveArtefacts] [-Force] [-Profile] [-Verbose]

Parameters meaning:

-Filter overrides parameters for selecting applications to process with QOps, allows filtering by following:

  • Name
  • Id
  • Stream

-RemoveArtefacts indicates that Application in Work should be removed. This works when an Application with the same name is already published.

New in version 1.11

-Force defines that already published application will be rewritten

-Profile overrides default User Profile with the specified one

-Verbose enables extended command line output


qops-publish -Filter “Name=Application1,Id=6c6f8c63-944f-47df-aff6-e1862dccef88,Stream=Develop”

This command is only available in the QlikSense mode